Friday, April 14, 2017

Stier Ski Trip

Go big or go home. I guess that's how the Stier family felt when they planned our first ski trip. We went all the way to Montana to Big Sky Resort. We stayed in two beautiful houses which sat directly on the slopes and were surrounded by the most beautiful views. I managed to slip on skis for a short run but I spent most of my time with my tiniest munchkin. When she napped I was able to spend some fun time with Lily, playing in the snow and hanging in the hot tub. Lily (like me) is not a huge fan of the cold weather but surprised us by not missing a beat when it came to playing in the snow. She loved sledding and spent a morning in ski school. Her instructor said she "likes to go fast", no surprise there.

One of Lily's favorite parts of the trip was story time. All of the kids gathered around each night as Jenny read books. Lily always had a front row seat!

We also learned that Lily loves Yoga. Jenny is a yoga instructor so she lead us a few times. Lily silently slipped in behind everyone and very seriously joined in. 

Some of us were able to get away from the caos a few times for a trip into town and some much needed time at the spa!

The beauty of the mountains equals that of the love and memories we will all take away from this trip!

We returned home to beautiful, warm spring weather and have been soaking up the sun ever since!

Our last few nights in Montana were a little rough. Many restless nights lead to a tumble out of bed and her first black eye.

This time of year allows Pat to enjoy a few of his favorite things. This picture depicts them perfectly: jet skis, grilling, his loyal dog and his girls.

Cora turned 7 months! (I completely missed the 6 month picture but it would have looked pretty much just like the following) She is starting to get on all fours but hasn't been able to figure out where to go from there. She prefers standing over sitting and has found her voice, her very loud voice! On the days I work Pat takes Cora to my parents which means they spend Monday and Wednesday mornings together. It hasn't long for him to sneak his way to the top of her people priority list. Her eyes light up when he walks in the room and she whines and teases for him if he doesn't give her his immediate attention. It is so sweet, I don't even mind sharing my coveted position as her favorite person ;)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Hello Spring!

I feel like it has been spring for a while now. I mean, 3 weeks ago flowers were blooming and everything was covered in pollen. Then it snowed?! We have been staying busy and enjoying the outdoors no matter what crazy shifts the weather brings.

Our neighbor cleared some of trees from the lot behind us and Pat jumped all over the opportunity to help out. He loves to cut down a tree and we all love the fire that follows!

I just love bundled babies! I think they like it too. 

We also went to Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park. Pat was working in that area so we went up for a night. We had a great time (even though Cora and I were coming down with a cold). Lily loved every minute of it!

Speaking of warmer weather I love spending sunny afternoons outside. One of the best parts of the warmer weather is that our beloved Sno Cone establishment has opened. We pass it almost everyday and almost every time Lily asks if we can go, finally I was able to say yes!

"Mommy, will you put this flower in my hair?"

Then it snowed! Lily could have cared less but Pat was super excited!

Then there was birthday party fun...followed by the stomach bug, for Lily and me! AWFUL!

I did not look this angelic while recuperating!

We have been so excited about the new Beauty and the Beast movie. I wanted to take Lily during the week to avoid the crowds but Pat really wants to go to so when I saw a billboard for the ballet performance of the story I couldn't resist. Ballerinas and Beauty and the Beast?! It was mother/daughter date; Lily, Grammy and me!

The special occasion called for a little (fake) makeup.

I couldn't leave this post without mentioning some big news about Cora. Just last week she decided that bottles weren't all that bad! I can't believe it! Yay! She has also decided that solid foods are better than pureed ones. She went bananas over eggs last weekend and almost jumped out of her seat for mac n cheese! (videos on YouTube)

Poor baby has also had some rough days. She dodged the stomach bug but the last cold left her with (another) ear infection (her second after the one she got at Thanksgiving). Lily has only had one sick visit in 3 1/2 years so I'm still learning what to do and when to call. This time I was happy to hear that I had come "at the right time" and the infection was just starting. After the first 24 hours of meds she wasn't felling as well as I would have liked. I had a feeling something wasn't right but after 2 days her low-grade fever went away so I took that as a good sign. On day 4 I noticed she had a rash on her face. I took her in and it turns out shes allergic to penicillin. Not that big of a deal but the meds weren't working and now her ear infection had turned into a double ear infection. Boohoo! (I am also learning that mothers intuition is a real thing and I need to listen to it!) A change in meds and she was good as new the next day. The following week she had her well visit and her ears were clear. She weighs a whopping 12.5 pounds and is 25 inches long.

Tomorrow we head to Montana for a Stier family ski trip. It's going to be a little tough after the beautiful, warm weather we had earlier this week but I am packed and ready to go....I think. I hoping for safe travels and no illnesses. Wish us luck!