Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Lovin'!

First I will start by saying Happy Father's Day! We aren't big on the "hallmark holidays" but we acknowledged the day and of course Lily had a few special things she made for her Daddy. It goes without saying that the Daddy in our house is greatly loved by all of the girls in his life and we think he is one of the best guys around. 

On Saturday we made our first appearance on the lake this summer, spending the day boating with friends. We had a great time and Pat was able to show off as well as share his rope swing expertise with a few young whipper-snappers!

I think he was pretty high on his horse when he landed and one young man shouted, "That was sick....sir". It's funny how one word can completely change your feelings about a compliment and bring your right back down to your place in reality. Heehee!

Pat was thrilled to spend a portion of his father's day tinkering with his jet ski(s) and (actually) fixing one so he could get in a ride for the first time in a few weeks. And he couldn't have had a better assistant!

A neighbor stopped to chat on her daily walk and Lily explained to her that, "Daddy and I are full of surprises!....We are going on an adventure!" And they did, they took a Kabota ride for a snack and trip through the woods to see a friend.

Now, taking it back to last weekend; we had a great one! Just one of those awesome summer days. We filled the little pool, jumped in the bounce house, ate watermelon and grilled out. My ideal day!

My life in a nutshell!

Check out that plant-watering stance!

Watermelon rhine is great for teething gums!

As I mentioned in my last post, Cora is 9 months old! She has busted her way into the 2nd percentile at 14.3 lbs. We haven't come across anything she doesn't like to eat but meat is her favorite, just like Lily. She has two teeth and playing in the dog bowl is one of her favorite things!

Just when I think everything is out of her reach, her arms seem to grow when I turn my back!

Her eyes! They are just like Pat's, the most beautiful blue. And infected in this picture, along with both of her ears! :( 

Lily's fun-loving attitude always keeps us entertained (when her dramatic behavior isn't getting in the way). I overheard her conversation with the babysitter the other day, "You know my last name? It's Stier it up." I guess we should take our Bob Marley album off of repeat! ;)

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